Sunrise jeep tour Mui Ne or Sunset jeep tour Muine is a place to discover for tourists with many scenery, beautiful sandy beaches attracted, stretching under brilliant sunshine, along with a series of high-end resorts along the coast.


With many places such as the White Sand Dune, the fishing village, fairy stream, red sand dune… each location separated by several kilometers to tens of kilometers, so the service booking a jeep tour Mui Ne is a good  ideal with cheap useful help you save a lot of time, money and effort. It make you feel discover in MUI NE become easy than.

Duration: 4 hours
Price for whole tour: 24$ (550.000vnd)/ private jeep 2pax – 6pax
White Sand dunes – Red Sand dunes – Fishing Village – Fairy stream

You can book directly with us on:
WhatsApp/Zalo/ Viber/KakaoTalk:
+84 937.524.385 (Mr. Jeep)

Note: The Jeep will stop at parking car on White sand dunes, then you can walking to the hills or rent ATV or Land car up to the hills (pay by yourself)
-Price for ATV : 800.000 vnd/moto for 2 pax/ 20 minutes
-Price for Land car: 800.000vnd / car 6 pax / 45 minutes

Sunrise jeep tour Mui Ne and Sunset jeep tour Mui Ne have the same routes and destinations. What differences are departure time and order of destinations. In order to bring the best experience to guests and help guests to make the most out of their time. Drivers will help guests to decide amount of time for one place should be and where they should be first based on their best local knowledge.

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Sunrise Jeep Tour option: 4:30 am – 8:30 am

4:30 am

Pickup at your hotel in Muine.

Come to The white sand dunes

Visiting White sand dunes. At the top of the sand dunes, catching the first sunrise of the day. Other activities can be taken: riding quad-bikes over sand dunes and ostriches riding (at own expense), sliding down sand dunes slopes with surfboards.
The white sand dunes are the most beautiful and famous places to visit in Mui Ne – Vietnam.
Mui Ne white sand dunes, which is called the miniature Sahara.
Watching the sunrise on the white sand dunes is a great experience/ Picture: @howmanycountry
Walking on the top of white sand dunes/ Photo:IG
Sunrise Jeep Tour Mui Ne & Sunset Jeep Tour
Don’t forget to take your phone to save the best moments here/Photo:@oneminute.179
Tour Bàu Trắng - Đồi Cát Bay - Làng Chài - Suối Tiên
Please wear the most comfortable clothes when coming to the white sand dunes /Picture:@oneminute.179

Experience the thrill with Land car & moto ATV climbing sand dunes

Coming to the white sand dunes, you can go for a walk, or try once to take the Land car or ATV moto service to climb the sand dunes. With 20 minutes, the car will take you to climb the highest hills of the sand dunes. So that you can see the whole view of Bau Trang. Then the car will run from the top of the sand dune straight down…. an extremely strong feeling!

Xe land leo đồi cát
Land vehicles climbing the hill are ready to serve visitors right in the white sand hill area.
Sunrise Jeep Tour Mui Ne & Sunset Jeep Tour
There are huge white sand dunes, where you will be supported by Moto ATVs to climb
tour bàu trắng

Tour Bàu Trắng - Đồi Cát Bay - Làng Chài - Suối Tiên

Bên những chiếc xe land leo đồi
With Pink Land car
Xe land leo đồi cát
The whole family will have unforgettable moments when experiencing the Land car climbing the hill/ Photo:@ Trang Kẹo

xe moto ATV trên đồi cát

Moto ATV is the best means of transportation on the white sand dunes. Don’t forget to experience this game when you come there! Photo:IG

Sitting by the freshwater lake Bau Sen

Surrounding the giant white sand dunes is Bau Sen lake. The lake has water all year round, beautiful and very quiet. The photos taken here will not let you down! Bau Sen is a destination not to be missed when you travel to Mui Ne

The Land car/ ATV stops tourists on the shore of Bau Sen lake
Bàu Sen Mũi né
Bau Sen lake seen from Flycam
Bên bờ hồ bàu sen
On the shore of Bau Sen lake/ Photo:@Minekoo
Bàu trắng Mũi Né
In the distance are wind turbines /Photo:@IG
Bàu sen Mũi Né
Sunset or sunrise on the lake shore are both very beautiful/Ảnh:@lnhtrg

Jeep goes through Hon Rom beach road

Before coming to the red sand dunes, the jeep will stop at Hon Rom beach road to take photos with jeep  for visitors.


This is a photography view that many tourists love

Explore the giant sand dunes in the red sand dunes

6:15 am

Visiting Red sand dunes, slopers are less sreep than the White sand dunes, great opportunity for taking photo as red colour of the sand is great contrast to background scenery.


red sanddune
Tourists walking on red sand dunes/ Photo: oliviacacchione
red sanddune
A funny photo moment of tourists/ Photo: se_on_ii
Take photos in the sunlight at the red sand dunes/ Photo: mayubeedang
red sanddune
Tourists watch the sunset on the red sand dunes
Sunset on red sand dunes
Sunset on red sand dunes
Trượt cát mũi né
Sand skiing in the red sand dunes will be an interesting experience for visitors. /Photo:Phú Sơn

Visit Mui Ne Fishing Village

6:45 am

Visiting the  Mui Ne fishing village, observing the daily lives of fishermen, morning catch is hauled to shore and women are busy sorting out the catch and fishing boats are lining up and waiting to depart.
Fishing Village Mũi Né
Fishing Village Mũi Né
Làng chài Mũi Né
Mui Ne fishing village
Làng chài Mũi Né
Early morning fishing village scene

If you come to the fishing village in the morning, there is one very interesting thing: take advantage of the beautiful view of the sea water + the basket boat behind. You will get beautiful photos with a beautiful background.

Korean tourists enjoy taking pictures of Mui Ne fishing village/ Photo: 0hakim
Làng chài Mũi Né
Take pictures next to Mui Ne fishing village/ Photo:@IG

Check in and take photos at Mui Ne fishing village


Wading at Fairy spring

7:15 am

Visiting Fairy spring ( Suoi Tien) where the small stream running through the middle of the red sand dunes. It is like a version of Red Canyon.
The scenic fairy steam of Mui Ne where visitors can experience a unique walk through colored soft clay and limestone rocks
fairy stream
Tourists take photos next to the fairy stream/ Photo: angelicablaze
fairy stream
Happy moments by the fairy stream/ Photo: cloudnine_s2
Beautiful photos of tourists at Suoi Tien

8:30 am

Returning back to  your hotel

Sunset Jeep tour Mui Ne option: 14:00 pm  – 6:00 pm

Sunset jeep tour Mui Ne have the same routes and destinations but you will go Fairy stream first – Fishing Village – White Sand dune- Red sand dune

Private tour:

  • The jeep, car is reserved for your group only.
  • The timetable and itinerary can be flexible.

Tour Price Includes:

  • Jeep car + driver (The driver will take pictures for you).
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Mui Ne.
  • Tour price includes entrance fee

Tour Price Excludes:

  • ATV, Jeep go to the hill
  • Beverage and food
  • Other services not mentioned in the inclusion

WhatsApp/Zalo/ Viber/KakaoTalk: +84 937.524.385 

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